FAQ for BBM 2021

When will enrollments open?

Enrollments for Ultimate BBM will officially open on March 15, 2021.

What is the price for Ultimate BBM in 2021?

The price for Ultimate BBM is $49.95, our lowest price ever. If you paid for a BBM team in 2020, your team in 2021 is free.

Will there be Express BBM in 2021?

No. We have had minimal interest in Express BBM in recent years and for 2021, will only be offering Ultimate BBM.

I paid for a game in 2020. Do I need to pay again?

You do not need to pay for a team in 2021 if you paid for a team in 2020. But if you want to manage additional teams, you will need to pay an enrollment fee.

what is the status of the game beyond 2021?

We do not know. We have been talking with a number of people about taking over management of the game but nothing definitive has been decided.

What is your policy if a full season is not played in 2021?

If there is a baseball season, no matter the length, BBM will run. If the season is canceled, we will make a decision at that point in time.

Will there be Keeper Leagues in 2021?

Keeper Leagues from 2020 are available to join and play with your 2020 roster. We do not know our plans beyond 2021 so we can't make any promises about future years.

What is the price for a team in a Keeper League?

The price for a Keeper team is the same as the price for Ultimate BBM, $49.95

What will roster sizes be in 2021?

BBM will feature 30-man rosters in 2021, as we had last season.

Will NL-only leagues have a DH this year?

Nope. We follow MLB. No DH in BBM 2021 NL leagues.

Will there be playoffs for Ultimate and Keeper BBM?