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BBMBaseball Manager


No Head to Head games. Sit back and watch your rankings in various categories. By the time May 15th comes around, few changes happen in the standings.
You're bored. You quit.
BBM162 games of nightly head-to-head baseball in a ten-team league using stats from last night's games! Pennant races until end of September.


There are no lineups. 14 hitters in most leagues. What baseball lineup has 14 hitters?
Not even Little League.
BBMGet real. In Baseball Manager you only use 9 batters. You can use a DH - only one - and only if you are playing in a league that use American League players. Just like Major League Baseball.


Columns of stats rank you in the order of your success, with some arbitrary point system.
BBMA final score, with actual box scores using actual statistics from last night's games. Just like real baseball! Results are delivered online each morning via the BBM Daily, a newspaper customized for each manager that includes box scores, league standings, colorful headlines and game results generated by Baseball Manager's unique Scorecard® algorithm

Position Eligibility

If a player plays just 3 games at a position you can use him there all year long.
Sure just play Albert Pujols at first base every day. That's realistic.
BBMPlayers are only eligible to play at a position for the same number of games they actually play in MLB. Baseball Manager gives you a chance to manage like a real baseball manager.


Someone comes in and throws a 1/3 of an inning and gets a win. Is that the same value as someone who throws 7 innings with 2 Earned Runs? I don't think so. BBMYou manage a complete pitching staff, because Baseball Manager uses pitcher stats to determine outcomes of games. And that includes starters, long relievers, and closers.

Long Relief

A stat that has no value at all in other games.
Get me some Rolaids.
BBMIn Baseball Manager, innings matter. Just like Dave Roberts needs someone to throw 2 innings or more, so will you.

Platoon Players

Lefty-right matchups are irrelevant in most leagues.
Not in BBM.
BBMIf you have a guy who only faces left handed pitching you cannot start him in a game against a right handed pitcher. Just like the majors.

Emphasis on Real Statistics

A stolen base is just as important as a home run.
You think?
BBMBaseball fans know that a stolen base only has a fraction of the value of a home run, and Baseball Manager crunches all the stats to give an accurate final score.

Role Players

At bats and superstars are all that matters. How they perform against a left-handed pitcher or whether they can be utilized for a few innings of relief is irrelevant.
So lame.
BBMRole players, just like in the majors, are a key part of the game. You have a 28-man roster, and you have to field a full lineup.
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