FAQ for BBM 2024

Any changes for 2024?

We have been busy all offseason and are excited to bring you another year of BBM. There were several minor changes - please see the Diamond Club where we detail them all. With regards to the Game Engine and the Game Resolution Formula, although there were talks of making slight changes, nothing will be changed for 2024.

What does the future of BBM look like?

We all know that BBM is the best fantasy baseball game there is. Our goal is to make it better. There will be a mobile app (iPhone) this year (it's almost done)! Don't worry though, we are long time BBM players ourselves and are confident that you will like any changes!

When will 2024 enrollments open?

Ummmm ... now!

What is the price for BBM in 2024?

We didn't raise any prices last year, however because our costs continue to go up, we will be increasing the price for keeper leagues. Non-keeper leagues will remain the same. We are, however, still offering a substantial Pinetar discount for those managers that sign up for keeper or non-keeper leagues.

  • BBM Ultimate Keeper Leagues: $59.95
  • BBM Ultimate Private Leagues (non-keeper): $49.95
  • BBM Express Leagues: $24.95
  • BBM Ultimate Pinetar Leagues: $49.95
  • BBM Ultimate Pinetar Leagues (with Ultimate discount): $24.95

Wait ... What is Pinetar?

For many years, The Pinetar Experience (TPE) was a staple in the BBM world. Unfortunately, it was not offered in recent years, but it has been reimagined and is back!

The Pinetar leagues are both 1) a great place to start, and 2) a place to find out who is the best of the best. When you signup for Pinetar, you will be placed in a league. Very simply - if you finish at the top of your league, you move up. If you finish at the bottom of your league, you move down. Think of the English Premier soccer leagues if you will. For a lot more information about Pinetar, click here.

What is the Pinetar Ultimate discount?

If you sign up for an Ultimate league (Keeper or Private) or if you pay full price for one Pinetar team, you will then be able to sign up for a new Pinetar team at more than 50% off the price!!!

I want to sign up, but don't know where to start?

The Pinetar Experience is an easy way to start. If you want to take advantage of the Pinetar discount ... then head to the Diamond Club and find a league or post that you are looking for one. All kinds of activity.

Will there be Express BBM in 2024?

Yes, Express Leagues are returning! Don't like the handedness? Play Express at half the price! Sorry, no Pinetar discount with the Express signup though.

What are the important dates for BBM 2023?

  • MLB First Game 20-Mar-2024 (kinda), but for real on 28-Mar-2024
  • BBM First Game 18-Apr-2024 (Users will see results for Game 1).
  • All-Star Break 16-Jul-2023 (First day users will not have game results. All-Star break is set to FOUR days)
  • MLB Last Game 29-Sep-24
  • BBM Last Game 30-Sep-24
  • BBM Playoffs Start 03-Oct-24 (Yes, we believe we have set a couple day break)

BBM on Instagram?

Yes. We have created an Instagram account along with our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow us wherever you want!