League Settings

The League Settings is where you and your leaguemates decide how you want to set up your league. League Settings can be changed only by an owner who creates a Private League. If you are joining an already formed league you do not have access to League Settings.

The following settings can be changed in all games:
- League Name
- League Description
- Draft Length: 8 days (SP, OF, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, C, RP), 4 days (SP, OF, IF, C+RP), or 1 day (all positions).
- Draft Date: no earlier than 2 days after the league is full

There are advantages and disadvantages to early draft dates. The earlier the date, the longer the pre-season and the time for trades and free agent pickups. However there are often major trades and injuries during the pre-season, so you could end up losing a key player. We recommend you leave the Default BBM Draft Date, which gives you 8 draft days and 7 days of pre-season. The Default is available in the drop-down to change the date.

Additionally, in Ultimate, the following settings are available:
- Stadium Factor: On or off. Allows teams to select offensive or defensive-style stadiums.
- Show Free Agent Bids: On or off. Shows whether another FA claim is pending, and only if you put in a claim on that player. You do not see who else is claiming the player.
- Lefty Starter Rule: see options here.

Please consult with ALL YOUR LEAGUEMATES before making changes to the league. Please remember that though you see the changes immediately, some changes will not be reflected in some parts of your game until the next day. If there are any issues, please contact the commissioner immediately to resolve.